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Product Overview

Schuberth C3 Pro Split Helmet

The C3 Pro has proven to be Schuberths most legendary modular helmet. A perfect companion for any rider as it performs phenomenally well on long rides as well as at high speeds. The rear spoiler ensures aerodynamic efficiency at its finest, providing more downforce and reducint buffeting. A high-quality interior ensures that the helmet fits comfortably and securely at all times. Additionally, a cleverly designed ventilation concept as well as a comprehensive acoustics package will help riders stay cool. It is probably no coincidence that the C3 Pro has been Schuberths most popular helmet for years.


  • a helmet that sets the benchmark: uniquely small, extraordinarily light-weight, and outstandingly quiet; carefully crafted in our proprietary wind tunnel for cutting-edge aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Flip-up meets sport helmet: brilliant aerodynamic properties make you feel pre-eminently safe at all speeds
  • the C3 Pro is prepared to accept the Schuberth communication systems SC10U
  • removable and washable inner lining: allergen-free and (Öko-Tex 100)
  • COOLMAX® fabric turns the interior of your helmet into a highly effective moisture removal and cooling system
  • FM and Bluetooth antennas integrated into the helmet for optimum reception
  • First-class visors offer clear vision without any distortion
  • easy change mechanism for a quick and simple face shield change without the use of tools
  • preinstalled anti-fog lens prevents shield from fogging
  • integrated flip down sun visor
  • Anti-Roll-Off System
  • reflective elements make riding even safer


  • weight: starting at 1,570 g
  • ECE 2205

Helmet Shell:

  • directly processed glass firbe (Schuberth Direct Fibre Processing) combined with a specioal resin is compressed in a vacuum at high pressure to form an exceptionally sturdy yet uniquely light helmet shell
  • carefully crafted in our proprietary wind tunnel, aerodynamically optimized for high speed stability without buffeting

Inner Shell:

  • the complex segmentation of our specially optimized EPS foam liner ensures optimal shock absorption to keep your head protected
  • multipath channels in the EPS liner allow for excellent ventilation throughout the helmet



(No reviews yet) Write a Review